VPS Servers Information

VPS technology

Our VPS servers are built on Cloud technology to offer greater power, flexibility and control, running on second generation AMD EPYC and Intel® Xeon® Gold equivalent processors, NVMe hard drives for maximum performance (ideal for CPU-intensive applications), 10Gbit network connection and DDoS protection included free of charge.

Configure your VPS

All our VPS servers are configurable according to your needs; install the operating system you need (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS...), turn the VPS on and off, expand the disk storage with more NVMe space, add additional network traffic, dedicated IPs, backups, snapshots... all at a really affordable price.

VPS Servers Prices

NewTestingCloud (1 vCPU)2GB20GB NVMe20TB 4€/mInstantBUY
NewMiniCloud (2 vCPU)2GB40GB NVMe20TB 6.35€/mInstantBUY
NewSmallCloud (3 vCPU)4GB80GB NVMe20TB 12.55€/mInstantBUY
NewMediumCloud (4 vCPU)8GB160GB NVMe20TB 22.50€/mInstantBUY
NewLargeCloud (8 vCPU)16GB240GB NVMe20TB 41.60€/mInstantBUY
NewExtra LargeCloud (16 vCPU)32GB360GB NVMe20TB 90,60€/mInstantBUY
NewOUT OF STOCKProfessionalCloud (16 vCPU)64GB360GB NVMe20TB 253,95€/mInstantBUY
NewOUT OF STOCKProfessionalCloud + (32 vCPU)128GB600GB NVMe20TB 489,90€/mInstantBUY
NVMe hard drives

Our VPS servers are equipped with NVMe hard drives, quadrupling the speed of data access compared to SSD hard drives.

Operating system

Choose from images of the following operating systems to install: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and CentOS.

DDoS protection

AtresHost will protect your VPS servers using the latest technology in hardware and perimeter security, offering first class protection against large scale DDoS attacks.

Network and location

Our VPS servers are located in Germany and Finland, with a redundant 10Gbit network connection in order to offer you the best possible speed.


While most VPSs take days to activate, our VPSs are delivered instantly.


20 TB of traffic included in all our VPS to have the necessary bandwidth for your projects.

VPS Addons


Increase your VPS server's disk space to 10TB with our fast and reliable SSD volumes for only 0.20€ GB/month.

Floating IPs

Assign floating (dedicated) IPs for your VPS server for 4€ IP/month.


If you exceed the allocated bandwidth, the additional traffic costs only 2€ TB/month.


Automatically performs backups and stores up to 7 backups for only 20% of the price of the VPS server purchased.


With our Snapshots feature, you can manually back up your VPS server for as little as 0.10 GB/month.



If you need help to choose your VPS server, send us an inquiry ticket with no obligation. You can also consult the “Frequently Asked Questions” section available just below.

AtresHost FAQ

A VPS is a virtual private server that is "inside" a dedicated physical server. The resources of each VPS server are dedicated and not shared with other users, offering great power, reliability and performance.

A VPS server has full isolation. This means that no matter what other users may be doing on the server, your VPS server will not be affected. With root access, you can install the applications you require, offering guaranteed resources; CPU, RAM, HDD and bandwidth allocated to your VPS server will always be available for your applications.

Choose between images of the following operating systems to be installed: Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and CentOS among the most prominent.

VPSs come only with Linux OS as operating system. If you want to install Windows, you can install it yourself. However, remember that they are unmanaged VPS servers and we do not give any support.

Delivery and activation is instantaneous once payment is made. Remember that if you pay by bank transfer, the activation will be delayed until we receive the payment in the bank account.

Our VPS servers are located in Europe (Germany and Finland).

We do not offer any kind of support for any problem. Our VPS servers are unmanaged, this means that AtresHost only takes care that the VPS server is online and that the connectivity is adequate.

We allow speeds of up to 10Gbit on the network port.

The payment methods are through PayPal with a PayPal balance, with credit/debit cards of the main companies (Visa, MasterCard…) or by bank transfer.

If payments are by bank transfer, the activation of the service may be delayed until we receive the payment.

Yes, you can cancel the service at any time from the Client Area without any problem.

If you do not pay the bill by the due date, service will be suspended and administrative fees and a late payment charge will be assessed. Once service is suspended, you have 24 hours to catch up on your bill before the VPS server is removed. As it is a VPS server, we cannot keep the information more than 24 hours after the expiration of the invoice, proceeding to terminate the service and losing all the information that the VPS server contains (files, databases... etc).

Yes, you can upgrade your VPS server to a superior one without any problem.

Custom VPS servers (additional RAM, additional / larger units, etc.) are not currently available.

Increase your VPS server disk space to 10TB with our fast and reliable SSD volumes for only 0.20€ GB/month.

If you need more bandwidth, the additional traffic costs only 2€ TB/month. Additional traffic will be charged automatically, you don't have to request more bandwidth.

You can hire floating (dedicated) IPs for your VPS server for 4€ IP/month.

You can make automatic backups and store up to 7 backups of your VPS server for only 20% of the total price of the VPS purchased.

With our Snapshots feature, you can manually back up your VPS server for as little as 0.10€ GB/month.

We do not offer a refund policy on any of the VPSs.

If you have not found all the answers to your questions in our FAQs, please open a ticket at the following link and we will answer you as soon as possible: https://atreshost.com/panel/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=3&language=english