WHMCS Licenses

Hosting Automation

A complete Hosting solution
Sell custom plans, domains and add-ons
Professional billing and payment system
Detailed reports and statistics

Manage your customers, billing and support: everything from the same application

WHMCS is a powerful all in one solution designed to make it easy for anyone to sell Hosting, Reseller, Domains and other add-ons without programming knowledge.

WHMCS has an easy and intuitive interface to use so you can manage your hosting business. WHMCS is designed to automate all the processes of your business, from provisioning and creation of customers, through invoicing, payments and email.

Resellers get free access to WHMCS

WHMCS is included at no additional charge for customers who purchase a Reseller, Master Reseller, Alpha Reseller or Super Alpha Reseller Deluxe plan.

For customers who have contracted a WHMCS license with AtresHost, support through the WHMCS Suport Center is included.

Exclusive features for resellers

Sell Hosting, Reseller, Master, Alpha and Super Alpha plans
Available in multiple languages
Provide comprehensive security for your customers
Support system and tickets included

AtresHost is an official and licensed WHMCS distributor.

Buy your initial license for yourself or your customers at AtresHost for only 13.99€ per month, 4€ cheaper than buying the license on the official website. If you need to upgrade or purchase a higher license, you can do so at any time.

WHMCS Starter License: customisable, up to 250 clients, standard support and with a powered by branding link.

WHMCS Plus License: customisable, up to 250 clients, standard support and no branding.

WHMCS Professional License: customisable, up to 1000 clients, standard support and no branding.

WHMCS Business License: customisable, unlimited clients, standard support and no branding.