Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting

March 21, 20222023-12-20 11:53
For only 41.6€/month

Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting

Start your business as a multi-level reseller of reseller and hosting accounts for only 41.6€ per month and enjoy the best Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting with cPanel.

Hosting Reseller Radio Streaming

The best for your business


AMD EPYC 7502P, with 64 "Rome" (Zen2) cores, 320GB DDR4 CC of RAM and NVMe SSD disk drives

Web Server

cPanel / WHM, LiteSpeed Web Server and CloudLinux OS +


Up to 10 Gbit/s network connection

Premium Reseller


Total security of your data; Imunify360 firewall, cPGuard, CSF, WAF, cPHulk, ModSecurity and layer 7 mitigation against DDoS attacks


3 weekly backups of all your account data

SSL Certificates

Free and unlimited SSL Certificates
In Detail

More highlights fuctions



Your customers will be able to design their web pages without programming knowledge with our SitePad website builder.

WordPress & more

Installer of more than 500 scripts with Softaculous, including WordPress, Joomla, Moodle and ecommerce platforms


We guarantee that in less than 24 hours, you will always have an answer to your query 365 days a year

Contract our services today

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Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting


Monthly Annually Save 20%


Price applied to monthly billing
  • No permanence
14 day money back guarantee


Price applied to monthly billing
  • No permanence
14 day money back guarantee


Price applied to monthly billing
  • No permanence
14 day money back guarantee
Best Seller


Price applied to monthly billing
  • No permanence
14 day money back guarantee not applicable


Price applied to annual billing
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14 day money back guarantee


Price applied to annual billing
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14 day money back guarantee


Price applied to annual billing
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14 day money back guarantee
Best Seller


Price applied to annual billing
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14 day money back guarantee not applicable

Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting Plans

Detailed comparison of our Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting plans

NVMe SSD web space50GB250GBUnlimitedUnlimited
Hosted Websites (Multisite)UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
FTP AccessUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
OrbisReseller Plugin
Reseller Domains (WHMCS required)
Unlimited Accounts (super alpha, alpha, master, reseller & cPanel)
Free cPanel accounts included153060100
Additional cPanel accounts0.60€/m0.60€/m0.60€/m0.60€/m
cPanel migrations included11110
Additional migrations3€/account3€/account3€/account1.50€/account
WHMCS License20.99€/m20.99€/m20.99€/m
ProcessorAMD 7502PAMD 7502PAMD 7502PAMD 7502P
CPU64 cores64 cores64 cores64 cores
RAM Memory320GB DDR4320GB DDR4320GB DDR4320GB DDR4
CPU, RAM, I/O, inodes usageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Network connection10 Gbit/s10 Gbit/s10 Gbit/s10 Gbit/s
CloudLinux OS +
LiteSpeed Web Server
LiteSpeed Caché Plugin
MySQL databasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
MySQL Wizard
Remote MySQL
PostgreSQL databasesUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
PostgreSQL Wizard
Email accountsUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Max cuota by mailing5GB5GB5GB5GB
Auto Responder
Mailing Lists
SPAM Filters
Mail filters
Mail monitoring
Address importer
Calendar and Contacts
MX Remote Configurator
MagicSPAM Protection
MagicSPAM PRO APP20.99€/m20.99€/m20.99€/m
Mail scanner
Jetbackup 5
Backups (3 weekly)
Restore account
CloudFlare Compatible
PHP selector (5.6 a 8.1)
PHP extensions
PHP options configurator
ionCube Loader
PHP PEAR packages
Perl Modules
Application manager
Fast CGI
SSH & Terminal
File manager
Apache handlers
MIME types
SSL/TSL certificates
Let’s Encrypt SSL
SEO & Marketing
Site Publisher
DNS Zone Editor
Dynamic DNS
Track DNS
DDoS Protection (Layer 7)
cPGuard antivirus
WAF Protection
ModSecurity protection
Web forms protection against SPAM
reCaptcha protection
Hotlink protection
Leech protection
Real time virus and malware scanner
Google Safe Browsing
Two factor authentication
IP Unblocker
SiteLock Lite
WEB DESIGNBasicAdvancedUnlimitedDeluxe
SitePad: Website builder
WordPress Toolkit
WordPress Toolkit Deluxe10.99€/m10.99€/m10.99€/m
WordPress Themely
WordPress Migrator / Cloner
Dedicated IP6€/m6€/m6€/m
Reverse PTR
cPanel migration included11110
Additional cPanel account migrations3€/account3€/account3€/account1,5€/account
Basic Support
Premium Support80€/m80€/m80€/m
SEO Tools20€/m20€/m20€/m
FREE domain (annual contract)
14 day money back guarantee
Availability guarantee99,9%99,9%99,9%99,9%

cPanel APPS

Discover the most powerful tools and applications to manage your website.

Reseller Guide

Become a multi-level Reseller with your own brand with our detailed reseller guide.


Up to 10 Gbit/s network connection & no limitation of resources per account & transfer.

Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting Addons

Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting addons included for free in the Deluxe plan.

WHMCS License

WHMCS STARTER license for 20.99€/m.


cPanel App for your reseller network for 20.99€/m.

WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

Deluxe version of WordPress Toolkit for cPanel for 10.99€/m.

Dedicated IP and reverse PTR

Dedicated IP for your Reseller account and reverse PTR with your domain name for 6€/m.

SEO Tools

Powerful SEO tools for your website for 20€/m.

Premium Support

Premium Support includes: troubleshooting of your clients' websites (WordPress), installation of themes, plugins... and a response time to tickets of 12 hours maximum for 80€/m.

The best for your Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting

In Detail

Highlights specifications Reseller services

Reseller information

We are leaders in the market of multi-level reseller services for cPanel / WHM thanks to all the features and tools included in our plans.

Unlimited resources

AtresHost is the only company that does not limit customer accounts in terms of space (depending on the plan you have contracted), web traffic, CPU, RAM, I/O usage, inodes and resources per cPanel at a very low cost.

This means that you will have the necessary resources to grow your business without worries.

cPanel accounts

At AtresHost each reseller plan has a number of free accounts. Once you reach the limit of free accounts of your reseller plan, you can continue creating unlimited cPanel accounts for only 0.60€/m per account.

OrbisReseller Plugin

The OrbisReseller plugin, the best multi-level reseller plugin for cPanel / WHM, is included for the management of reseller services.

Improved WordPress performance

We have specific web page and WordPress analysis tools; locate bottlenecks in your web page and make your site improve its loading performance.

PHP configuration and extensions

Configure PHP options, install custom extensions from cPanel and select the PHP version you want to work with (available PHP versions 5.6 to 8.1).

Web design solutions

Your customers will be able to create impressive websites in a few clicks and without any programming knowledge thanks to our web design solutions: Softaculous, SitePad, WordPress Toolkit and Themely.

Integration with CloudFlare

AtresHost is an official Cloudflare partner, which will allow you to integrate the CDN services easily into your website.

White Label

Our reseller services are “White Label”, so you can offer the services under your own brand.

Become a multi-level Reseller and Hosting reseller with your own brand and start your business today. We have the best administration tools available on the market: cPanel / WHM and the OrbisReseller plugin are included to manage your accounts.

Our Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting plans are hosted on servers with AMD EPYC 7502P processors, with 64 "Rome" (Zen2) cores, incorporating simultaneous multithreading technology, 320GB DDR4 ECC RAM, 100% NVMe SSD drives, LiteSpeed Web Server + LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, CloudLinux OS + and with a network connection of up to 10 Gbit/s.

We have a specific infrastructure against DDoS attacks (layer 7 mitigation), security firewalls / antivirus Imunify360 and cPGuard, CSF, WAF, cPHulk, ModSecurity, recaptcha protection and web form SPAM protection to protect your projects. For added security, we offer on all our plans free unlimited SSL Certificates and 3 full weekly backups that are hosted on external Amazon S3 servers via Jetbackup 5.

Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting

Special Services

Special services included in all Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting plans.

It has never been so easy to create your website

Create your website in just 3 steps:

  • Choose a template from all the available ones.
  • Modify the template to your liking, entering the information of your business, project or online store.
  • Once you have the final design finished, publish your website so that everyone can visit your page.

Our web design solutions include the following software: Softaculous, script installer with more than 500 ready-to-use applications. SitePad, easy and intuitive website builder. WordPress Toolkit, installs and manages any WordPress, as well as plugins and themes. Themely, the latest solution for WordPress installations, includes free templates for your website.

SitePad website design service, Softaculous, Themely and WordPress Toolkit are included in all Hosting plans and Reseller services.

In detail

The features of our Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting service in detail


We guarantee the availability of our services at 99.9%


Free .com domain name with the "Deluxe" plan


Forget about SPAM forever. At AtresHost we include MagicSPAM PRO, a protector against SPAM that you can configure in a personalized way from your cPanel

Google Safe Browsing

With Google Safe Browsing you will be able to know if your web page appears as "Unsafe" in Google

1 click restoration

Restore your account in just 1 click thanks to the 3 weekly full backups we perform with Jetbackup 5


Node.js available in all Hosting plans

MySQL / MariaDB

MySQL available in all Hosting plans

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019


OrbisReseller, best plugin to manage your Reseller plan and all your cPanel accounts


Your email available on PCs, Android and iOS smartphones and tablets

Basic Support

Enjoy the assistance of AtresHost 24 hours a day

HTTP Versions

All AtresHost services are prepared to serve all pages under HTTP/2 and HTTP/3. You only need an SSL certificate, included free of charge in all Hosting plans


Automatically keep your account clean of unused files with the CpCleaner application


We guarantee that you will always have the latest version of cPanel so that you can manage your business smoothly


Python available in all Hosting plans


PostgreSQL available in all Hosting plans

White Label

Reseller services are 100% white label and customizable with your business name.

Private Nameservers

Setup your own private nameservers with your domain name

SSL Certificates

Unlimited SSL certificates on all domains and subdomains

Protection and Antivirus

We offer you the highest security so that you and your projects are safe. Imunify360, cPGuard and CSF security firewalls, antivirus scanner, 24/7 layer 7 protection and monitoring against DDoS attacks

SSH & Terminal

Manage your account through SSH or directly from the Terminal available in our cPanel

Migration included

If you have a cPanel installation with another provider, we perform the migration free of charge


Ruby available in all Hosting plans


Configure PHP version and extensions

cPanel Accounts

Create Unlimited cPanel accounts on all Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting Plans

CloudFlare Partner

AtresHost is an official CloudFlare partner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting Service

What are Mega Super Alpha Reseller plans?

The Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting plans are similar to the Super Alpha Reseller Hosting plans. The difference is that with Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting plans you can also sell Super Alpha, Alpha, Master, Reseller and cPanel (Hosting) accounts. With our Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting plans you can create your own multilevel reseller network in the easiest way possible.

What is a Unlimited Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting?

An Unlimited Mega Super Alpha Reseller Hosting is a reseller hosting in which the disk space for your website, monthly transfer, databases and emails is not limited at any time.

You must keep in mind that the web storage space included in the Mega Super Alpha Reseller hosting plans is intended solely for the purpose of hosting the files necessary for the operation of the web pages.

It is not allowed to use this storage space for backups of files not related to the web pages, nor to share files between users, nor for the storage of files not related to the operation of the hosted pages.

What does unlimited resources mean?

AtresHost is the only company that does not limit customer accounts in terms of space, web traffic, CPU, RAM, I/O usage, inodes and resources per cPanel at a very low cost. This means that you will have the resources you need to grow your business.

Remember that the Reseller Hosting plans is a shared service with more customers, so it is not allowed to abuse resources or make intensive use of the server.

Do the plans include unlimited transfer?
All plans include unlimited transfer.
What does "White Label" mean?

With “WHITE LABEL” we mean that the AtresHost name will not appear anywhere. Your clients will not know that you are a reseller of our services. You will be able to work with your own brand and create your business with total security.

How is the disk space in my account distributed?

The disk space is distributed between your account and that of all your customers, so if you have a Basic or Advanced plan, you must take into account the available space when creating your plans and the maximum number of customers you can host before you run out of web space.

What support do you provide?
All AtresHost plans come with basic support, limited to solving errors that may be caused by the service provided. This means that if due to a malfunction of the server your web page or account does not work correctly, the assistance is assured and we will solve the incidents. This does not include migrations of WordPress or any other CMS, blog or discussion forum; install, configure, create or update your content, templates, css styles, plugins, scripts or repair errors on your site.If you need a more complete attention, you can hire our Premium Support.
What content can I host?
All services offered by AtresHost may only be used for lawful purposes. It is not allowed to host pornography under any circumstances, copyrighted content or any other type of content that violates our terms of service.It is also not allowed to use the service to store backups, personal content or compressed rar, zip… files.
How long does it take to activate the account?

The activation of the plans is done once we receive the payment for the contracted service.

Can I create unlimited cPanel accounts?

Our plans include the creation of as many cPanel accounts as you want without any restrictions. Each plan includes for free a fixed amount of accounts (available in the plan comparator). Once this limit is reached, 0.60€/m (taxes included) will be charged for each additional account created in your reseller network, and a complementary invoice for the additional cPanel accounts will be sent between the 20th and 25th of each month.

Do you perform migrations?

We perform cPanel account migrations under the following conditions:

Basic, Advanced and Unlimited plans: 1 free migration is included. Each additional migration has a cost of 3€.

Deluxe Plan: 10 free migrations are included. Each additional migration has a cost of 1.50€.

Can I upgrade the plan according to my needs?
You can upgrade your plan at any time.
Can I send SPAM?
Spamming is not allowed under any circumstances. Spamming is grounds for account suspension.
Is the service compatible with CDNs such as CloudFlare?
AtresHost is an official CloudFlare partner.All our Hosting and Reseller plans are fully compatible with CloudFlare.
How often are automatic backups performed?
Jetbackup 5 backups are performed weekly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays at 00:00AM.
Can I use my own nameservers?

You can create and use your private nameservers without any problem.

What is your guarantee of availability?
Our service availability guarantee is 99.9%.
Do you offer a money back guarantee?

All our plans come with a 14 day money back guarantee except for the Deluxe plan, which does not come with a money back guarantee.