At AtresHost we are aware that many of our clients spend hours and hours deciding which Hosting or Reseller service to hire. Most of the time, the final decision to hire a service for your website is to find “the cheapest”. We agree that money is important, but like everything in life, the investment is proportional to the service you hire.

At AtresHost today we offer the best Hosting, Reseller, Master Reseller & Alpha Reseller services at the best price.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get your Hosting or Reseller plan and change to AtresHost taking advantage of the Halloween 2019 promotion.

Halloween 2019: 50% off

The promotion consists of a 50% discount on any Hosting, Reseller, Master Reseller & Alpha Reseller plan and for any purchase period (from 1 month to 3 years) with the discount coupon code HALL50.

This means that if you contract a basic Hosting plan, whose usual price is 24€ per year, you will pay only 12€.

50% discount hiring any of the following plans of  Hosting, Reseller, Master Reseller or Alpha Reseller.
Application: For new orders. Excluding renewals of existing services.
Discount coupon code: HALL50
Valid: 27th October – 4st November

For more information about the promotion click HERE.